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Gladioli bulbs

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Not a huge amount happening in the garden today, it was drizzling in between bouts of sunshine, I am perhaps a little impatient and hope to see seedlings sprouting up now!

I stocked up the greenhouse with a few bits, it survived the night with no incident so I am now trusting it with seed trays. I also checked everything to make sure watering was sufficient.

Gladioli bulbs rescued from other beds went into the flower bed nearest the house, there are quite a few. I think this bed would be a good place for sweet peas too, tho if I sow these now then I need to sow these in pots rather than outside and plant on later.

I met the secretary of the Waddesdon & District Horticultural Society today and ended up joining (£2 annual fee), I’m now a paid up card-carrying member! There’s a show in August apparently and the potential for a plant sale in May so I might have to start producing a little extra for this. I am awaiting my pack through the door to find out more i.e. are there cake/chutney/jam competitions I should be planning to enter?


I’ve also done a bit of research on sowing times etc. for my planned plants so I am starting to put together a monthly list of jobs for the blog.

I managed to forget the eggs today so no egg boxes for seedlings, I might have to consider more trays. Lots more planning to do this evening!

Green Garden Gate Waddesdon


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