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Allotment dramas

Well. I added myself to the Parish allotment waiting list a while back, I understood there were people ahead of me so it could take a while. There’s a site that the National Trust manages in the village too – I think it’s part of the Waddesdon Manor Estate – so I added my name to that whilst I was at it.

Suffice to say, there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing due to a misunderstanding about where plot 12 actually was – turns out the plot shown to me might actually be half of plot 4 and plot 12 might be overgrown land that hadn’t been worked for at least 4 years and had brambles growing on it. During this confusion I had started growing plants in readiness to plant.

In the meantime whilst I’m waiting to hear back on what’s happening with the plot, I have spoken to the Clerk to see where I am on the council list (next in line!) and I heard a rumour in the gardening community that one of the allotment-holders might be handing his plot back rather than paying for another year (it’s the time of year for renewals)…. finally this evening I had a surprise call to say I was all good to sign up, and that the last person would be leaving me a shed etc. very exciting news!

Well of course I had to nip over to the plot straight away to check it out! There were slightly raised beds (with winter weeds and some manure), a couple of compost heaps, a couple of rhubarb plants and a water-butt – allotment heaven! As soon as my agreement arrives tomorrow I’m signing up, in the meantime I can get digging on it in the morning!

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Gladioli bulbs

Not a huge amount happening in the garden today, it was drizzling in between bouts of sunshine, I am perhaps a little impatient and hope to see seedlings sprouting up now!

I stocked up the greenhouse with a few bits, it survived the night with no incident so I am now trusting it with seed trays. I also checked everything to make sure watering was sufficient.

Gladioli bulbs rescued from other beds went into the flower bed nearest the house, there are quite a few. I think this bed would be a good place for sweet peas too, tho if I sow these now then I need to sow these in pots rather than outside and plant on later.

I met the secretary of the Waddesdon & District Horticultural Society today and ended up joining (£2 annual fee), I’m now a paid up card-carrying member! There’s a show in August apparently and the potential for a plant sale in May so I might have to start producing a little extra for this. I am awaiting my pack through the door to find out more i.e. are there cake/chutney/jam competitions I should be planning to enter?


I’ve also done a bit of research on sowing times etc. for my planned plants so I am starting to put together a monthly list of jobs for the blog.

I managed to forget the eggs today so no egg boxes for seedlings, I might have to consider more trays. Lots more planning to do this evening!

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IMG_9746-1Welcome to a home gardening blog based here in Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire. This is intended to keep a track of what is happening in the garden and when.  Although it is firstly for me to keep track of things, my gardening diary if you will, I thought some of this might interest others.

I’m interested in growing my own produce organically but I certainly do allow a little room for flowers too they just need to make themselves useful! I’m a bit of a fan of getting involved in the community and have one or two causes close to my heart, sustainable living (permaculture), communities getting involved and helping each other out, tasty nutritious food and of course gardening!

If you’re local to Waddesdon I’d really appreciate an ‘hello’ and maybe you could share what’s happening in your garden?

It’d be great to get a bunch of us together to chat all things gardening or maybe help out a local resident who might be struggling with their patch of earth. Perhaps if there are enough fabulous gardens in the village then we might look to set up a garden tour in aid of a charity. With the sad news of Waddesdon Plant Centre closing down maybe a seed swap coffee morning would be a nice way to get together.

I look forward to hearing your gardening tales!

Green Garden Gate Waddesdon