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River Cottage Piccalilli


I am debating whether to grow cauliflower this year, maybe if I can get an allotment

I’m planning a BBQ soon and having run out of most of last years plum and apple chutneys so a week ago I thought it about time to make something else, a scan of the spice cupboard and the internet suggested I was only lacking a cauliflower and  a large enough quantity of vinegar to make this River Cottage recipe:

I will admit I had no dried ginger so grated a good lump of fresh in instead, and after using a whole 350ml bottle of posh cider vinegar, I topped up the rest with relatively cheaper spiced pickling vinegar.


Chopping up the veggies!

Piccalilli is great for both a glut of veggies in your garden, as well as using up lots of small amounts of veggies left in your fridge, so you’re not contributing to the mound of food waste produced. I used carrot, shallots, onion, french beans and green bell peppers but the recipe allows for a variety.


peppers and cauliflower added and well salted

I probably only salted the veg for 18-20 hours rather than 24 – I’m rubbish at following a recipe and also impatient. The jars are reused ones saved, as well as some acquired from Freecycle. I sterilised the jars by previously washing them in the dishwasher, then as needed rinsing with hot water and drying out in a low oven, in theory this should work, but we’ll see what happens with the batch. Previously they’ve been scrubbed in bleach/water before rinsing then drying in the oven.


a jam funnel makes life easier

Hugh says that it should be left to mellow for 6 weeks before opening, but a week in and the flavours are already starting to develop well, although it is still quite a strong acidic flavour!

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