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Allotment rhubarb crumble


I recently volunteered to help out on an allotment in Haddenham, the allotment owner very kindly gave me a few rhubarb stalks as a thank you. I have to say I had a great time digging away, it made me want to have my own allotment again, so I have contacted Waddesdon Manor to see if my name could be added to their waiting list.

Anyway, I made a small quick one (not remembering to note down all quantities, apologies).


Three large stalks of rhubarb peeled and roughly chopped, added to an ovenproof dish


I added a handful of raisins, a dollop of honey and because I rand out of honey, a sprinkle of light brown sugar. This I topped with some apple juice and added to an oven at 200 degrees Celsius whilst I made the topping – I was in a hurry.
IMG_9913I added about 150g of plain flour to a bowl with about 75g of sugar (I used vanilla infused granulated, but any type of granulated or caster will do) with 50g unsalted butter. This by rights should be at room temperature, but I cubed it and relied on my warm hands to soften it.

Rub everything together in your fingertips well, until it looks like breadcrumbs or sand. Then I whipped out the now hot rhubarb mix, sprinkled on the topping and added back to the oven until it smelled ready – approx 30 minutes (or until it looked golden).

Just enough for 2 people to have seconds helpings!

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