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Allotment Rhubarb Crumble recipe published:

Allotment Rhubarb Crumble



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Sprouting garlic, tomato and mini-greenhouse


garlic sprouting

My garlic cloves are sprouting!

Those who’ve read earlier posts will remember I have had problems with locals cats in the beds. Well I am happy to report that the cats are mostly avoiding the beds these days and part of that I think is down to the smell of the garlic cloves planted recently.


tomato Maskotka seedlings

The Maskotka tomatoes were really starting to need more space to grow, the other varieties planted later (but in propagators cells) were starting to put them to shame. I think my experiment of re-using egg boxes has been successful in that I now know that it’s not a very good idea! I planted them into both Compostapots and traditional plastic pots, I wonder if there will be any difference between them.

There’s now a hand-made extra shelf in the mini-greenhouse, mainly to give a bit more storage, but to also keep seedlings that like it a little warmer higher up. I have noted that the slugs like the plants lower down so I’ve taken everything off the floor for now and installed a slug trap (cider in a tin can). My poor coriander really was being eaten to ground level every night so fingers crossed this recovers. I hope to reduce the slug population here before I need to plant my tomatoes and cucumbers in the grow bags!

Speaking of tender, I put my cucumber seedlings in the mini-greenhouse overnight for the first time last night and was reading several weather apps worried that it might go as low as -1°C and I possibly went a little OTT in putting a small terracotta oil lamp (fuelled by olive oil) on the grass at the bottom at 2am so as to keep the temperature up above freezing. I checked it first thing this morning and it appears to have worked perfectly, there was no chill in the air inside the mini-greenhouse.

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Weeds or wildflowers

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There are a few bee friendly wildflowers flowering in the lawn at the moment, some of which are edible, all of which are pretty. Some folk would be weeding them up, but I’m happy enough for the early bees and butterflies to have a feed. I’m slightly tempted to try making a salad if they grow a little more.


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Potting on cucumber plants




cucumbers just after potting on

The cucumbers really needed potting to have more room to grow, so they have been potted on now, although they appear to be a little upset about this, so they’re having some TLC on the windowsill currently, fingers crossed they perk up!

The peas are looking bigger;



There are two or three good seedlings of each variety.

The sweet peas are growing very slowly, according to a recent Gardener’s Question Time this is normal:


The chard is starting to show it’s colours, you can see which are red or yellow or white already:IMG_9915

The broad beans are also sprouting, but slowly:IMG_9917

Piccalilli recipe page added!

Photo diary of my testing of a River Cottage piccalilli recipe.


Why not comment on recipes you’ve tested recently?

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Tomato seedlings smell tomatoey!


I’m really impressed that all the tomato seedlings are already smelling of tomatoes. The true leaves are really starting to grow now, I think tomorrow might be the day to pot them up!

I have one or two late germinations, as you can see below, the smaller seedlings. I’ll wait a while and see how they go.



A while back I accidentally tore the first leaves off one of the Maskotka seedlings, surprisingly it’s showing signs of recovery, a very robust variety!


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French Pink Garlic


Garlic being planted at the front of the bed

A little sunshine today warranted digging in compost to the beds and planting the pink French garlic. As I understand it, these cloves will be a deterrent to cats (and any mice that might be in the vicinity) and a few spare cloves in the greenhouse given a squeeze now and then should deter white fly. Three huge bulbs managed to supply 45 cloves, the fattest of which I’ve planted for growing in the veggie beds, the smaller ones in the flower beds to try to deter cats, if good garlic comes of this, ah well! There’s some more to be planted, but they can wait a while until the next bed is ready to start being filled.

I’ve had to plant them at the front of the beds as they shouldn’t be grown too close to peas and beans as they stunt their growth. Peas and beans will eventually be grown up the fences on these beds, with outdoor variety tomatoes hung from the fence posts. The garlic is however good for a lot of the other plants I am growing, as would several of the herbs I am growing.


overnight cat poo prevention

More cat protection was required as previous efforts were ineffective, we have very acrobatic cats in Waddesdon! Hopefully the above will mean I no longer have to dig carefully.

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