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I’ve been a little busy in the last couple of weeks, everything is growing, lots more seedlings and so lots of jobs in the garden, I have taken one or two snaps in the garden, plus I have a couple of recipes to add to the site, hence why a slight delay in an update.

Another reason is I have been organising taking over a new allotment in the village as well as starting up a new blog: which is probably just as well as I have lots to plant out. That or maybe sell a few tomato and bean plants to help pay for organic compost!

Now we have the return of some decent weather I shall be taking some photos of what’s happening, but here are a couple to show what has happened in the last couple of weeks:


Apple tree sprouted leaves in about 2 days flat (3rd April)


Bee emerging from grass drying his wings stopped for a refuel on a flower (10th April)

Green Garden Gate Waddesdon




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