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Potting on cucumber plants

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cucumbers just after potting on

The cucumbers really needed potting to have more room to grow, so they have been potted on now, although they appear to be a little upset about this, so they’re having some TLC on the windowsill currently, fingers crossed they perk up!

The peas are looking bigger;



There are two or three good seedlings of each variety.

The sweet peas are growing very slowly, according to a recent Gardener’s Question Time this is normal:


The chard is starting to show it’s colours, you can see which are red or yellow or white already:IMG_9915

The broad beans are also sprouting, but slowly:IMG_9917


One thought on “Potting on cucumber plants

  1. Update; the cucumbers perked up again after a little while, they really don’t like transplanting! They’ve had a couple of nights in the greenhouse now and they are starting to acclimatise themselves. Fingers crossed their roots feel happy soon and they start growing again!


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