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Outdoor Girl – Craigella – One Day

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Every night before I go to bed I check what’s happening in the seed trays, yesterday evening there was nothing happening at all in the remaining tomato tray yet to germinate, I was beginning to wonder if I was doing something wrong with this tray as the others have all sprouted, perhaps they were too wet, or too warm… I know, I am impatient, I only sowed them 5 days before, but still, I wanted them to sprout!

This morning however they had magically appeared!

As of 9am, here are Outdoor Girl and Craigella:

IMG_9802It still amazes me how fast these little things shoot up. So I decided to take another pic this evening so you can see the difference a few hours growing makes – maybe it’s just me, but I think you can almost see them growing!

IMG_9805We just need the sun to come back now….

Green Garden Gate Waddesdon




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