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Sunny days are here again!

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What a wonderful sunny Sunday today! I’m mostly still in the waiting stage of gardening so a little watering of the potatoes and a peak at everything growing meant my gardening jobs were pretty much over… so I spent the afternoon on a picnic blanket on the front lawn of Waddesdon Manor with a lovely girlie friend from Westcott, a wonderful time to pass a sunny Sunday. Both being residents we had our pleb-passes (residents season ticket) so free entry to the National Trust Rothschild Estate grounds!


cucumbers and Maskotka tomatoes

The cucumbers are all coming up healthy, and the maskotka tomatoes are still looking good, I managed to pull the leaves off one seedling by accident, it was stuck inside its seed sheath and I tried helping it along, I shall be more careful. I do rather like the cute way that the tomato leaves fold up at night, like they’re tucking themselves in for the night!  This propagator was left out for the day to make the most of the sunshine, along with the newly sprouting marigold.


French Marigold seedlings – Naughty Marietta

Tomatoes Golden Sunrise and Black Russian have just started sprouting:


Tomato Golden Sunrise


Tomato Black Russian

Here are a couple of snaps of the herbs that are braving the season, I placed the nasturtium outdoors for the day to make the most of the sunshine as they are the most advanced.






Sweet marjoram and thyme

In case you’re wondering, the straw was because they were initially planted outdoors and was an attempt to keep the frost off, I’ve now removed most of it as it’s warm enough indoors!

I hope all your veggie patches are enjoying the sunny weather.

Green Garden Gate Waddesdon



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