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Tomato seeds in the propagator

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There was limited time available in the garden today, it got dark before I was finished with all my jobs.

I spent an age making paper seedling pots for use in  the propagator, which is possibly why I ended up buying 6 propagators with cell inserts. They make life far easier!

I de-cat-pooed the beds and rigged up a new prevention system, a blog follower suggested moth balls but I wasn’t sure how organic that might be so went with garden netting rigged over bamboo canes. I also had a sheet of glass, which is now protecting the potatoes until they start growing. Fingers crossed this works!


After, I added organic compost to all the cells and brought 3 trays indoors to sow in the warm. Tomatoes Black Russian, Golden Sunrise, Craigella and Outdoor Girl are now on the front windowsill above the radiator (saving the need to buy heated propagators) as are hot peppers Jalapeño and Cayenne Red and sweet pepper D’Asti Giallo.

Plant List  is here.

Lots more sowing to do tomorrow!

Green Garden Gate Waddesdon


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